Alpaca Vaccination

Alpaca Vaccination

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Where do Alpacas Come from?


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Mayfield Alpacas offer a full range of Vaccinations

Initial Callout Fee   £10.00
Fuel Charge   £050 per mile.
Time Charge   £10.00 per hour
Annual Clostidial-Covexin   £0.50 per Animal
Virbamec (antiparasitic)   £0.50 per Animal
Dectomax (wormer)   £2.00 per Animal
Anti-biotic (Pen & Strep)   £3.50 per Injection
Flunixin (anti Inflammatory)   £5.00 per Injection

Herd Health Advisory Service

At Mayfield Alpacas we consider the health and wellbeing of all our Animals to be of paramount importance. For this reason we maintain detailed and accurate vaccination, health check and treatment records for every individual animal. This system is now available for your Alpacas.

To give you an idea of the type of work covered by our "Herd Health Advisory Service" the regular procedures for maintaining herd health at Mayfield Alpacas includes all of the following:

  • We inject our Alpacas for clostridial diseases twice yearly
  • Worming procedures are performed quarterly to ensure premium health
  • Faecal samples are taken and tested at regular intervals to confirm that our Alpacas are in tip top condition and worm free
  • At the onset of winter we drench our entire herd with multi vitamins in October, December and February
  • Any late born cria’s are supplemented with Vitamin D due to the lack of daylight hours to promote healthy winter growth
  • Alpacas are cloven hoof animals and therefore toe nails need regular trimming in the correct way

A comprehensive and correctly planned “herd health programme” is essential in all cases, irrespective of your herd size. Our on farm service is available and can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. We can perform the treatments and injections for you or instruct and train you to become competent for the future in your own right. Our service is available to every Alpaca farm irrespective of whether you purchased your stock from Mayfield Alpacas or not. Please remember we are always more than happy to assist you in ensuring your animals continued health.

Complete our contact form today for details of our vaccination service. You can also call 0114 263 0033 or email