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Alpaca Wellbeing Service

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Where do Alpacas Come from?


All the information to answer the questions are on our website

Mayfield Alpacas have a wealth of knowledge about Alpacas.

Our Alpaca Wellbeing Service takes the worry out of looking after Alpacas.

We offer a birth management and alpaca husbandry Services. We also offer an extensive range of medical treatments and we are also able to fully vaccinate your Alpacas in their home environment.


Toe Nail Trimming


It is important that Alpacas toe nails are kept in good condition.


Alpaca Drenches


Alpaca Worming

Multi Vitimins


Alpaca Health Check - £5 per animal


Our Alpaca Health Check ensures that your animals are in good condition. We will check


  • Body Scores
  • Eyes and Nose
  • Ears
  • Teeth
  • Toenails
  • Confirmation
  • Stud Male Potential



Alpaca Rehabilitation


We also care for sick and neglected animals. If you are struggling to look after your Alpacas, or you know of Alpacas that are in need of attention.