Alpaca Husbandry Courses

Alpaca Husbandry Courses

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Where do Alpacas Come from?


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Mayfield Alpacas offer a range of Husbandty Courses

Alpaca Husbandry is a massive subject in its own right and cannot be detailed or explained in brief. However good husbandry practices should form the foundation and number one priority of every Alpaca breeder. Good husbandry begins with daily checks and care for your Alpacas in ways that ensure continued good health. Successful breeding and birthing and ultimately successful fleece production are all the result of good husbandry.


At Mayfield Alpacas we run a series of husbandry courses throughout the year and can tailor the content to suit your individual requirements. Elaine has now trained dozens of individuals including existing Alpaca owners, potential customers, School and University students, London Vet School students, farmers wishing to diversify as well as members of the public who just have an interest in developing new skills. We also offer day release courses to the local schools and colleges.

A typical two day course would cover the following subjects

  • Handling without restraint
  • Diet and feeding procedures
  • Birthing, equipment, procedures and emergencies (as described in “Birth Management Course” content)
  • Toenail Trimming
  • Oral examination and Dental Care
  • Vaccinations & Drenches
  • Veterinary procedures
  • Conformation and body scoring
  • Fleece Statistics and what they mean
  • How to read Alpaca Behaviour
  • Housing / Bedding
  • Stocking levels and Land Management techniques

We will also show you how to record your new found skills. Accurate paperwork is paramount, at Mayfield Alpacas we keep up to date and accurate records for each individual animal; this is the basis for a good husbandry regime. Each animal has its own PC record and “hard copy” folder listing the following information on the front cover, animal name, colour, markings, birth date, sex, registration details and microchip number. Inside the folder are diarised medical and event records to provide a fully traceable history of everything that has happened to the animal since its birth.


We are passionate about our animals, please come and share in our passion.


We believe that Mayfield Alpacas Husbandry care is second to none and that’s why we feel confident to be able to provide you with the best training………from start to finish.

Please contact Elaine to discuss your individual requirements by completing our contact form. You can also call 0114 263 0033 or email