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Where do Alpacas Come from?


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Mayfield Alpacas is a centre of excellence for the UK Alpaca industry. We have gained over 13 years experience in breeding of some of the finest quality Alpacas in the UK. As a result our fleeces are of the highest quality.


Alpaca fleece is at least three times warmer than most sheep’s wool and much finer than most sheep’s wool. Alpaca fleece is hypo-allergenic and super soft so can often be worn by those who are irritated by sheep's wool. Alpaca fleece contains no natural oils such as lanolin which is found in sheep's wool; consequently the fleece does not require washing or other special treatments before spinning. Most imported alpaca products are dyed with chemicals but all our fibre produced here on the farm is of natural colour and no other fibres are blended in.


Alpaca fleece comes in 22 natural colours ranging from white, fawn, brown, grey and black (and include 44 natural shades). Some alpacas are multicoloured and are often classed as Tuxedo' or 'fancy'. White fleece used to be extremely popular as it can be easily dyed to any colour, however nowadays we find the majority of our customers prefer natural colours which contain no dyes.


We have over 100 Alpacas on the farm which are sheared annually usually in the month of May. We always start our fleece preparation as soon as the alpaca is shorn. I personally grade the fibre immediately it is taken from the animal and carefully remove the (skirt) and any pieces of fibre that are not part of the premium quality blanket.

Grade 1 fleece includes the blanket (saddle area), shoulders and sides but not the neck, belly, legs or rump area. We class this fleece as grade 1 fleece. When we are sure we have removed any fibre that is coarser than that which belongs in the blanket, we pick out any vegetable matter and straw etc which may be present and then we roll up the fleece and bag it. Each Grade 1 fleece is contained in an individual bag containing information about the individual animal from which it was sheared.

Grade 2 fleece is classified as the neck area, however on higher quality animals some of this fleece is still of top quality. In this case we then blend with the grade 1 fleece above.

Grade 3 fleece is taken from the legs and is not used in the process of garment making.

We sell a large quantity of our alpaca fleece from the farm direct to our customers. We gain feedback from customers regarding the quality of our fleece and find that it is not necessary for any further preparation, selling in its raw state is totally satisfactory.

At present we are offering our top quality fleece at the unbelievable price of £15 per 1 kg of fleece to be sold direct from our farm or via mail order.


Please contact Elaine for further information by completing our contact form. You can also call 0114 263 0033 or email